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Large iT Solution is a Professional Mobile Application Developing company in Bangladesh. We always makes sure that the apps are made in the highest of standard and high quality. We have dedicated developers that are well versed in developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more. For the most part, we provide mobile applications that are world class, user friendly, with high quality and apps that our clients will surely like. 

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Our customer service and engagement platform is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any apps development support.


  • 29
  • 1 Stores App Submission
  • 1 Ad Network Integration
  • Push Notification Integration
  • 1 Splash Screen
  • 1 Logo, 1 Banner, 100% Professional
  • 1 Description ASO Friendly
  • Content Rating Add


  • 49
  • 3 Stores App Submission
  • 2 Ad Network Integration
  • Push Notification Integration
  • 2 Splash Screen
  • 1 Logo, 2 Banner, 100% Professional
  • 2 Description ASO Friendly
  • Content Rating Add


  • 99
  • 3 Stores App Submission
  • 3 Ad Network Integration
  • Push Notification Integration
  • 3 Splash Screen
  • 1 Logo, 3 Banner, 100% Professional
  • 3 Description ASO Friendly
  • Content Rating Add

Debugging Apps & Error Fixing Service

There are lots of problems to develop an apps. Whatever your problem is, don’t worry, Just tell us what’s your problems and we’ll solve quickly! Not only that but we’ll help you learn and not have those kind of bugs again!

  • Bug Investigation & 2 Revisions
  • JSON data, Retrofit API call issues
  • Pro guard & UI issues
  • Ad & Social API Integration Problems
  • Remove Suspends & any others issues
  • Highly Trusted & Most Secure Confirmation
  • Free Consultation & 24/7 Support
app bug fixing service

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We work in different IT sectors in skilled workshops in Bangladesh. We possess experience and expertise to help web entrepreneurs reach their customers across digital space.

We believe the quality of the service reduces and delivers effort from the client. The company has been promoted by highly experienced professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions.

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