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An automated hospital is likely to be a dream of many, which is very far beyond our imaginations’ – It’s high time for us to get out of this misconception as we are living in a technologically upgraded world. Being a part of this technical society, we are proudly contributing our product to all the people out here – ELIXIR AID, a hospital management system. It can efficiently control and coordinate all the hospital tasks within no time. This highly scalable and user-friendly software has a huge role in redefining a hospital in all its dimensions.

Be it the hospital administration or security or its ultimate intention – providing high quality patient care – the software does it all for a medical centre without any compromise in efficiency or accuracy. Realizing all the challenges a health clinic need to face in its longest run, we hope that our pioneering hospital solution can function at its best to ensure the finest working of a hospital. Deploy the system as early as possible in your medical environment to lay the foundation for a healthier community.

Easy to use

A quicker access to the integrated high end hospital solution by making it user-friendly. Ensuring top notch patient care with just a single click and is manageable across all platforms.


Evolved from the cornerstone of technology, make the most out of our highly flexible solution. Experience the customized usage of our product that makes you deal with the primary issues.


Flying up to the expectations of each client and improves the user experience with a responsive layout. Giving you the best view on all devices with no worries of speed and efficiency.


Try out our tried and tested product with more added features in the premium version. Get the upgraded version today itself and join the automated healthier community.

Welcome to ELIXIR-AID!

The efficiency of the modern hospital basically depends upon the efficiency to manage the administration, voluminous patients and the information of finance on the minute-minute basis.
Elixir-AID HMS is a very easy to use and the comprehensive system of hospital management meeting this requirement round the clock. Developed within the consultation with the leading providers of the healthcare and in depth of the hospital study processes.

Quick facts about our system

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User Friendly Design

Elixir Aid offers a very interesting user design interface which can be accessed on mobile, tablets, smart phones and desktops

Productivity Increase

Elixir Aid facilitates an increased productivity in its overall working with a complete restoration of clinical efficiency, focusing on the technological impacts and easy payment methods.

Easy to be customized

Customized-Hospital Management System is a flexible, powerful and easier to use and is developed and designed to deliver the real conceivable advantages to the clinics and hospitals

Resource Optimization

Elixir Aid’s resource optimization solutions significantly maximizes the management control levels in any health care organization.

Effective Decision Making

Elixir Aid features clear cut identification of all existing problems about patients,employee and managements.

Improved Operational Effectiveness

Our Hospital Management Software improves the overall operational effectiveness of the hospital.

Unique Combination of integration, and the built in value.

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