A proper retail management system is critical to the success of any retailer, no matter the size of their business or the type of products they sell. The good news is that this seemingly challenging task doesn’t have to be as complicated as most retailers might think. Our built-in retailinventory management software lets you quickly load products, tag and organise them, track inventory levels, reduce the occurrence of out-of-stock items and keep shrinkage to a minimum. Whether you sell product bundles, serialised merchandise or items that require multiple variations, you can rest easy knowing that your retail point of sale solution provides you with the tools you need to keep your stock moving and your customers satisfied. Try Lightspeed’s inventory management system today.

Simplified product setup

Save time creating multiple product variations

Create different product variations such as size, color and material in one easy setup.

Find products faster

Tag items by season, display location, common traits, sale items or any other descriptor.

Add all of your items at once

With the help of bulk item imports, load your entire inventory in one shot in our retail management system.

Serialized items

Identify each piece of your inventory

Items requiring unique serial numbers – such as bikes and electronics – can be created, tracked and associated to specific sales.

Process work orders efficiently

Ensure tasks are assigned to the right employee and that correct parts are ordered or adjusted.

Assembled and boxed items

Make more sales

Bundle individual items and parts to sell them as their own SKU. The cost is automatically calculated, allowing you to set the selling price.

Create unique seasonal products

Winter’s here! Gloves, hats and scarves make a great set. Once your promotion ends, easily disassemble items back into inventory and sell them individually.

Sell in bulk or individually

Manage items that are typically sold in bulk, that can also be sold individually, like a case of wine. Costs and sell prices for each component are recommended, but can be adjusted. Our inventory management system can help you sell more.


Thousands of pre-loaded catalogues

Offer more choices

Explore new vendors and items, adding them directly into your stock from thousands of preloaded catalogues in our inventory management system.

Employee management

Track employee work hours and track sale progress

Follow employee sales progress and transaction logs, as well as daily schedules through the clock in-clock-out functionality.

Multi-store functionality

Track employee work hours and track sale progress

Transfer items from one store to another and check stock levels from your inventory management system. All locations will be automatically adjusted to reflect your changes.

Return to vendor

Return products effortlessly

Manage, track and report items that are defective, damaged or that you no longer carry in your inventory management system. Send them back to the vendor and they will automatically be removed from your inventory.

Regular Reports Genarate

Get Business Profit & Loss Report

Very responsive template used, Advanced reports for review like Sales reports, Purchase Reports, Sales Payments Reports, Purchase Payments Reports, Profit & Loss Reports, Expense reports, Customer reports, Suppliers reports, Stock Report.

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