Deliver Superior Customer Service
Implement one of our cost-saving, easy-to-use Retail Point of Sale systems.

Make Life Easier!

Easily Track Inventory

Stop Running Out of Stock

Speed up Customer Checkout

View Detailed POS Reports

Increase Profitability

Point of Sale Systems by Wasp
Select from complete solutions featuring QuickStore software and a Cash Drawer, Pole Display, Receipt Printer and Barcode Scanner.

Know the Details

View detailed sales reports, including sales by customer, sales by product, and sales by month, and cash flow summary

Stop Breaking Promises to Your Customers

Out of stock items will be a thing of the past. Have confidence that you can make commitments to your customers that your business can fulfill.

Information is Power!

Perform detailed sales and inventory analysis. Go from chaos to control in a matter of days!

Improve Speed and Service

Improve the speed and accuracy of POS transactions

Standard QuickStore Software Features
These features are included in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions.


Standard comes with 1 Checkout Lane License

Lower Cost

Lower the cost of operation for your business.


Get it done quickly and correctly.

Increase Sales

Helps raise your bottom line.

Customer Service

Higher customer satisfaction will help make your business a success.

Reduce Inventory Cost

Accurately and easily track inventory to bring down the cost of errors.

Additional POS Software Features

Choose the version that fits your business basedon the features you need.

Hardware Options to Complete your Point of Sale System
Pairing 100% compatible hardware options with your software minimizes setup time.

WRP8055 Thermal Receipt Printer

A barcode printer will allow you to print your own inventory labels, location labels, and shipping labels. Wasp offers desktop printers to full industrial printers for harsh conditions.

WCD5000 Cash Drawer Shoe

Designed to fit everything you need for your POS system, the WCD5000 Cash Drawer Shoe is an ideal solution for encasing your cash drawer and ensuring its protection, in even the highest traffic environments.

WCD5000 Cash Drawer

The Wasp WCD5000 all metal cash drawer was built with a rugged and compact design that is perfect for any retail environment with limited space.

WLR8950 CCD LR Barcode Scanner

This long range barcode scanner is a cost effective solution designed for retail point of sale environments, where speed and accuracy are important. It’s lightweight and ergonomic design make if comfortable enough for all day use.

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