Complete Back-end ERP

We provide very simple & easy usable back-end format such as student admission, promotion, exam management, attendance, tabulation sheet & all in one.

Fronted School Website

You can also make a full feature front-end school website. Can manage noticeboard, event list, school gallery, admission form, teacher profiles, contact page & more.

Native Android App

This core application gives you insight regarding student and teachers performance throughout examination processes with different angles.

Fast & Reliable

We are designed on a very lightweight development framework providing you with a very fast user experience while working.

Student Profiles & Enrollment

The school management software offers industry leading school & college student enrollment system that delivers simplicity and convenience to better manage a growing number of enrollments.

Very Flexible Options

Daily attendance in features commenting and tracking for up to 15 customization attributes, including AM/PM absences, medical excuses, holidays & lunch count.








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Archivist launched its new specialized mobile version named as Archivist Executive for Schools’ Principals and Directors. Executives now can get connected with the daily reports of their schools /educational institutes in a while by having the information in their hand. It is just one touch away. Archivist Executive enables institutes stakeholders to get the analytical reports against their multiple campuses on their smart phones remotely and from everywhere.

If you want to see how all these features working and have a live demo. Have any available time to schedule a personal session. We will call you within one business day to confirm your appointment. If you cannot find a date and time that works for you,

Please call us at +8807184 386 389.

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