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Information Technology (IT) spreads worldwide which is essential to develop a nation. Large IT companies started to open their business around the world in order to build up IT platforms and promoting their own IT industries.


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Now a days the Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and many more Companies are making massive investments in Asian countries to reduce their cost. Bangladesh, The southest asian country which has huge under-utilised manpower that cheaper than other Asian countries can benefit these initiatives and provided a foreign investment platform.

Many IT companies have been established over several years to build a ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and the initiatives are coming here. The IT sector of Bangladesh is expanded rapidly and the IT companies are promised to fulfill the need of foreign clients as well as the local clients. The government of Bangladesh is now investing massive amount of money to develop the IT sector.

Tiger it has 10 years of experience working in software development. It is one of the best software companies around Bangladesh to create the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). In 2008, for the general election of Bangladesh, Tiger it build a complete software of the national id and voter registration project. There are 20,000 personnel, 500id management servers made by Tiger it.

Data Soft is well known as the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh. In both Corporate and public sectors, Data soft delivered innovative and cost effective technical services for the customers. In design and create projects, It has contributed significantly to the digitalization of Bangladesh.

Magnito Digital is the largest digital agency of Bangladesh consisting of 70+ people. The magneto digital have deal with the largest clients of Bangladesh and solve problem by combining and creative strategies with data and technology. Magnito Digital becomes the ‘Campaign Asia-Pacific’ in the ‘Rest of South Asia’ category.  They believe that, they will drive the sustainable growth of technology & innovation.

Newscred working on a mission to reinvent marketing for everyone. They prioritize the trust over everything because it is the foundation of their values. They love working together and believing in the power of tightly-knit company. The employer’s bring solutions when they face challenges and lead encourage, support their colleagues.

Southtech Group is one of the largest company which became Microsoft certified solution provider, ISO 9001 certified and the first CMMI level 3 appraised software companies in Bangladesh. The company established in 1996. In 2011, the south-tech limited received the award of international arch of Europe for quality and technology in gold category. The young professional team awarded runner up at ‘code warrior challenge’.

Leadsoft is a software development company which Established in 1999.

The mission of the company is to realize the customer’s business and delivery result through their experience. The mission of the company is to fulfill the customer’s need thus the customer’s dream website and software came true.

7. Brain Station 23 Limited

The brain station 23 limited is the largest software and it company which started the journey in 2006. It provides the software products both global and local market. The It sector has spread out some countries now a days such as Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, UK, USA, Israel.

Kaz soft limited established in 2004. It is one of the leading custom software companies in Bangladesh in order to create ordinary software. The professional designers, engineers and content specialists   involve in this company. Kazsoft has multiple industries and serve the international customers by offering software development and content management services.

REVE Systems started its journey in 2003 to serve the IP based communication industry. Now-a-days, The REVE Systems leads in Mobile VoIP, SIP Soft-switch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, Web-RTC, Enterprise Communication, e-Governance and Mobile OTT. They try to provide 24×7 Platinum Level, By their experienced and well trained engineers, So that they can support their clients and ensure that their services are available for their customers. The REVE Systems has received many award includes 2012 NGN Leadership Award and 2011 Unified Communication Excellence Award.


Large it solution is one of the best it company in bangladesh.
It started there journey in 2016. It is used to produce high quality, cost effective, reliable, result-oriented, web and e-commerce solutions.
Their young and experience professional provide utmost return on foreign and local investment in shortest possible time with their talent and proficiency.
The company develops distinctive web solution which assure competitive advantage and improve effectiveness for their business.

Developing countries like India, China, Japan, Malaysia etc. have created opportunities that offered by the Digital Age and catch up with those countries which are technologically advanced. These countries have invested massive amount to reap considerable benefits in higher income and increased the growth in IT sector.
For example, In Malaysia the IT sector that rapidly growth is fully supported by the government, Total 800 new IT companies has created 98000 jobs and over 200 foreign companies have established their regional centers all over Malaysia which brings huge amounts of dollars like billions of dollars in investment and create new job sector. In India, Foreign investment helps to increase the IT sector and their GDP growth significantly. Now a days the outsourcing sector has a market over 500 billion dollar around the world. The share of India is 140 billion dollar and Bangladesh is 700 million dollars.
Bangladesh can also consider the following strategy to fulfill the slogan of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and that will accelerate the growth of IT sector sustainably. If the government injects a major investment like USD 2 billions over 5 years then the sector will expand rapidly and new job sector will be created which will help to develop the nation and the massive GDP growth.
The government should help the entrepreneurs to start IT companies in Bangladesh by providing funds, Business development and marketing support. Thus two main positive outcomes will achieve which will push Bangladesh towards of it’s digitalization goal. First, the High paid job in IT sector and second the expansion of new IT companies. The expansion of new IT companies will generate a massive flow of Foreign exchange through direct foreign investment. We are trying to find more information about this, stay with us and help us.


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Bangladesh have so many It company but Natore-it also best domain hosting company in bangladesh. Natoreit started 2015.

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