LARGE IT CORPORATION develop the following type of web portal:

  1. Classified Advertisement Portal (Like: – $650 / 50,000 Taka
  2. News Portal (Like – $650 / 50,000 Taka
  3. Social Networking Website (Like – $4000 / 3,00,000 Taka
  4. Job Portal (iJobs) – $1300 / 1,00,000 Taka

Classified Advertisement Portal (Ref:

Create a site with real estate ads, job listings, car classifieds, rentals, or just about anything you can imagine. Features are below:

Worldwide locations

Create your classified ads webpage for any place in the world, we have every location saved and pre loaded for you to choose your desired one at the level you prefer: country, country + region or country + region + city.


Automatically include a watermark to images uploaded by your users so that nobody can steal content. All images uploaded are protected. You can choose between a text or an image watermark of your choice.


Grow in users using your webpage thanks to the alerts service. Your webpage will send then an email every time someone posts a new ad in the category they choose. Enabling and disabling alerts is automated in the same e-mail users receive daily, but you can also manage it manually from your dashboard.

Custom Fields

Introduce extra fields when introducing an ad and mark them as required or not. For example, if you need advertisers to indicate whether the product they publish is new or second hand, you can add a required checkbox for users to mark it so when they introduce the ad.

Static pages

Create up to 100 static pages to explain who you are, create a FAQ section for your website or simply to explain what you want to communicate to your visitors. Use the WYSiWYG editor to get the best outcome for your static page.

Add categories and subcategories

Do you need more categories than the default quantity on your Osclass webpage? Don’t worry. You can modify or create as many categories and subcategories as you need. Remove the unnecessary categories and create those that your audience requires to advertise their products.

Add your banners

You have pre-filled spaces with the most common ad formats to make it easy for you to show your own ads on your website and earn money. Moreover, we leave the holes already created so that you can use your Google Adsense code on your webpage

Choose currency

Euros, dollars, rupees, taka or pounds are some of the coins you can use in your page. And we will be adding new currencies in the near future.

Responsive for mobiles and tablets

Your website will be responsive for mobiles and tablets, which will improve your webpage SEO.

Unlimited ads

Your users can post as many ads as they wish thanks to the unlimited ads per page feature.

Manage images/media on your site

Edit or delete the images that users upload to their ads easily from your administration panel.

Organization filters

Sort the results with our filters to see listings sorted by the newest or the oldest, the most expensive or the cheapest ads, etc. Plus, you can display the ads in list format or mosaic format, it’s up to you.

Google Analytics

Do you need to have more data about your audience, such as referrals, the most visited pages or the average duration of visits? No problem, you can use your own Google Analytics code on your webpage and access all the information.

Share your ads on Social networks

Share your ads on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

Users blacklist

Blocks access to certain users whom you do not want to post ads on your webpage.


50,000 Taka / $650

Development Time:

5 Working Days

News Portal (Ref:

News Portal is an online correspondence medium for web customers which are scrutinized all over as far and wide as possible. LARGE IT CORPORATION a leading Web Development company expertise in News portal development services.

We provide Ready made News Portal with following features and AMC Support :

    • Secured Admin Login
    • Secured user login and profile management
    • Unlimited dynamic news sections
    • Add/edit/delete advertisement or banner
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Photo Gallery Management System
    • Story features a photo along with author, byline, brief, and publication information
    • Publishes related Web links and descriptions with a story
    • Links to sections and stories can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the site
    • Schedule the activation/display date of a story
    • Site visitors can email stories to others
    • Video gallery Management system with youtube and vimeo integration
      Story Archives
    • Stories can be rated and reviewed by your audience with the Ratings and Reviews
    • Multilevel features (Admin, Author, Users and more)
    • News highlight
    • Polls
    • SEO features

50,000 Taka / $650

Development Time:

5 Working Days

JOB Portal (iJOBS)

  • Responsive layout (desktop, tab and mobile ready)
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Build in search
  • Activity log of all main actions
  • Admin permission need to approve companies, jobs & resume [admin configurable].
  • Admin permission need to approve gold and featured [companies/jobs/resume].
    User registration page
  • User login page
  • Apply with social media (Facebook, Linkdin)
  • Login as social media (Facebook, Linkdin)
  • Gold/featured
  • Radius search on GeoCoordinates
  • Applied resume export to excel
  • Applied resume export to pdf
  • Applied resume print
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Multi-language support
  • Employer can add unlimited jobs from front-end
  • Comprehensive job form 30+ fields for job
  • Admin can enable/disable any field
  • Admin can change fields ordering by clicks
  • Unlimited categories with unlimited level
  • Unlimited job type, shift, status, experience, education, age, career level, currencies
  • Admin can easily manage job type, shift, status, experience, education, age, career level, currencies
  • iJobs have 45 short code for pro version and 25 for free version
  • Tags for job and resume
  • System errors
  • Admin changeable colors
  • Job alert
  • Share job on Facebook
  • Credit system
  • Credit log
  • Purchase history
  • Auto add marker on Google map when city selected
  • Reports
  • Message system
  • User
  • Email templates
  • Address management
  • Widgets
  • Number of widgets for admin (4)


iJobs is practically essential after all: one(Same) design for the Android(android is an OS while rest of these are devices), iPhone, iPad, netbook.


To find a right job is not an easy task. iJobs have built-in job search feature for job seeker. iJobs offer multiple criteria to search desire job.


No limit on jobs at both side front-end and admin. They can create unlimited jobs. System will have no any kind of restrictions.


Activity log is a record of every action of iJobs by admin, user or visitor. Whenever any user or admin performs any action, the activity log is updated with the user name and a basic description of action. Admin can keep a track of every change in the system.


iJobs have very powerful feature. Admin can change field order of form job, company and resume according to his wish, just by click up or down arrow. Admin can also unpublished unwanted fields.


iJobs highly configurable, it offer 250+ configurations for admin. Admin can change lot of enable/disable feature just by click.


Unlimited entries of categories with unlimited level, job type, shift, status, experience, education, age, career level, currencies
– Admin can easily manage job type, shift, status, experience, education, age, career level, currencies


Admin can easily change iJobs color using color interface. Tool give live preview of changes.


Job seeker subscribes job alert with certain criteria to get alerts in email for new jobs that fulfill his specified criteria.


Admin create package for employer and job seeker with cost and credits. Users buy credit packs defined by admin using paypal or woocommrece.


Reports are very essentials for admin to know, what going on his system. iJobs offer 3 type main reports.


iJobs have message system feature. Employer can send message to job seeker and job. On each message iJobs send email notification.


iJobs send lot of email notification to employer, job seeker and admin. You can easily change email templates using html editor. You can also add addition information with email alert.


Admin can easily add/edit/delete any country, state and city from admin countries interface.


iJobs give you the jobs listing along with the special Gold and Featured jobs listing. Gold and Featured jobs are not just listing in different layout it can also be listed in Newest Jobs controllable by admin.


iJobs support WordPress SEF. iJobs also offer SEO options for jobs, companies and resume.


100,000 Taka / $1300

Development Time:

30 Working Days

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